Occulta Magica Designs/Atlanta Gothworks

Religious and Cultural Jewelry, Textured Wall Hangings, Pipes, and more.
All Custom made from Porcelain, Glazed and fired to a Beautiful Finish
Special Pricing for Bulk Orders and Retailers

Cat - Cabochon Pendant
Comes in Stainless, Brass, and
Antique Brass With matching Chain
Watch my Twitter to know which days I am out and about snd where!!!
Ganesh Amulet- Hindu God of Wisdom and happiness - Comes on a black, Satin Cord
Cabochon Pendant
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Cat Amulet
The Trials and Tribulations of Working with Ceramics
Mistakes and Explosions.jpg

As promised in the newsletter, Don't forget to sign up - These are some new ideas I am working on that did not work out. If at first, you don't succeed, Try Try Again!!!


On top was a Kabalistic Tree of Life, which was too thick and not properly needed and exploded in the Kiln. I do have one now that worked ---->

Here we see a seven-pointed star made from Dagars (dark Blue, Two I am planning for a collection I call Gothmania. The one on the left is a stylized Gothic Cross with Iron Crosses and Circular gothic designs surrounding it and on the right, we have Dragons, Scarabs Scorpions, and a Spider Web surrounding an Owl.

Kabakistic Tree of Life.jpg
Sampler 2 Adjusted.jpg

  The Ohm           Owl                Scarab               Flying    Scarab            Dragon

  Battle Axe       Celtic Cross             Tripple Goddes        Tripple Goddess 2    Skull and Bones

   Leaf                                  Ohm                 Eye of Horus          Star of David          Moon and Sat

Yin and Yang        Standard Cross               Ankh        Hamsa (Hand of Fatima)   Celtic Tree of Life

      Owl                    Tripple Goddess    Hamsa (Hand of Fatima)           Owl                        Cat